Residents of Oliver House Nursing Home in Kirk Hallam are looking forward to a Christmas treat.
Staff at the home are preparing to put on a pantomime for them – Cinderella.
Carolina told us: “Rehearsals are underway and the performance is scheduled for Friday 18th December. We are not professional actors of course but we have a heart for our residents and want to put a smile on their faces. We all need cheering up at the moment.
“We’ve not put on a pantomime before, so anything can happen, but I’m sure it’ll be brilliant, and the residents will enjoy it.
“Usually we have the Carousel Theatre Production as a treat for residents and their families. But of course we can’t do that this Christmas, so I’ve persuaded our loyal and loving carers and management to perform. Honestly, we have brilliant staff and a beautiful atmosphere in the home.
“We have recently been singing familiar carols and decorating the home, which the residents have enjoyed.”
Pictured: Residents relaxing in the cosy atmosphere at the home and Cinderella’s glass slipper.

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