Letter from a Showman

I was very disappointed to learn that Erewash Borough Council have decided not to have an opening ceremony for this year's fair. We understand due to Covid there will be no fair but all other authorities have read the charter for their fairs. We have been told that the Charter must be read to comply with law. The council have notified us that they are doing a vitual reading which will be pre-recorded. As a local Showman who as attended the fair since I was a boy and our ride the cakewalk even longer, it's a shame that some-one can't stand on the steps of the council house and read the charter. We the Showmen's Guild would be quite happy to support them and bring along our Gavioli fair organ to play God Save the Queen after the charter has been read. I have a long association with Ilkeston. My wife went to school there and three of my children were born there.
Lawrence Bishton

Photo: Garth Newton

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