A new resident settles in.

HC One’s Ladywood care home has taken in a new Resident this month named June, and we take a look at her journey during these difficult times.

June came to live at the Ilkeston care home on 11th June 2020, after suffering a stroke at home and being discharged from Derby Hospital.

At the time of this, the hospital suggested to the family that they start looking for somewhere for June to go, so they instantly thought of Ladywood. This decision was led by previous experience as their dad had been here on respite a few years ago, so the family knew the home and they didn’t want the hospital to make the decision for them.

Stella, June’s daughter, said that during the times of coronavirus, she was very confident and happy about her mum coming to Ladywood and Stella spoke a few times to Donna, the Home Manager, and this put her mind at rest.

June was born and always lived in Ilkeston, so finding a local care home was very important to her. June said her family were involved in finding a care home to meet her needs and she is pleased they chose Ladywood.

June feels she is settling in well after her isolation period and is now making friends. She knows some of the other Residents from 'The Stroke Club' she used to run at the Flamstead Centre in Ilkeston. She went there after her husband had a stroke and then she ended up running the centre, until she had her own stroke.

June is currently enjoying family visits outside in the gardens, now the weather is nice. She has her own mobile phone, which staff charge at night, so she can call her family and friends. June often tells the family that she is happy and that the staff go out of their way to do things for her, making her feel comfortable, and this is very reassuring for them.

June says she likes her room, it is cosy, and she has lots of personal items in it including photos and book folding crafts (that she taught herself how to make by watching YouTube videos). June is looking forward to joining in the home’s activity programme, such as quizzes and events.

This Thursday, the Chef in the kitchen is making June’s choice of menu, which will be beef burgers and a fruit trifle. This meal can be modified to meet June’s dietary requirements, so she can enjoy her favourite foods. June says she is looking forward to Christmas at Ladywood and seeing in the New Year.

Everyone at Ladywood wished June a warm welcome and are enjoying her becoming a part of the family at the home.

Kind regards,

Emily Branson

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