Toyah Trueman was a little surprised when her 7-year-old daughter Lacie Sisson said she wanted to try out a business idea.

Lacie came up with the idea of selling free range eggs and freshly grown flowers from her uncle Andy’s allotment which she loves to go to.

Mum Toyah said: “She likes to help with the upkeep of the chickens etc. on the allotment and must have seen the eggs and the flowers as a business opportunity.

“She set up a stall in front of our house in Larklands and soon had people stopping to buy. I took pictures and posted them on my Facebook page as I thought it was a wonderful idea and wanted to share it to let people know. I was so proud that she had the mindset to do it.

“The likes and comments were unbelievable with people saying how lovely it was and how beautiful the flowers were and several saying they wish that they’d seen the post earlier as they would have popped down to buy some.”

Lacie had made pretty heart-shaped paper labels saying ‘Made with love’ to go with the flowers.

Lacie was a pupil at Larklands Infants and moves up to Kensington Junior School in September. Her mum says she enjoys gymnastics and has a huge love of animals.

Uncle Andy said: “We have an entrepreneur in the making! The fresh eggs were quick to sell and everyone was commenting on way Lacie had put together the bunches of flowers. In a small way it brought some cheer to the community.”


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