A Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy student is to receive recognition of her role as a young carer in her family.
Freya Densley has been nominated as a young carer by her mum Faith for the support that she provides for her two younger siblings, who both have autism.
Mrs Marshall spoke to Derbyshire County Council about the role that Freya plays in their family and they suggested that she apply for the 13-year-old to be designated a young carer.
This will mean that she will receive a family assessment and then be given access to one-to-one support, groups and activities.
Mrs Marshall said she was extremely proud of her daughter.
She said: “My two younger children both have autism and Freya has always helped to look after them and she has done that since they were born. When they were younger she would always help to feed and change them.
“She’s really, really understanding. She never has to be prompted to do anything, I don’t have to ask her. She helps her brother and sister with their maths and always looked after her mamma too.
“When I talked to the council about what she does they suggested that she should become a young carer officially so we filled out an application form for her. This will enable her to get practical support and support with her own wellbeing as well as allowing her to talk to other young carers.”
Freya said she was looking forward to talking to other young carers.
She said: “I’ve always helped out with my younger brother and sister. I help to get them dressed and I help with their homework, particularly maths. I get them snacks and if I’m making my own tea then I might make them something. I was happy when my mum talked to me about becoming a young carer officially as this will mean that I can talk to other young carers and get advice from people I can relate to.”
Steve Brogan, headteacher at Saint John Houghton, said everyone was extremely proud of Freya.
He said: “Caring for others is very much part of our ethos here at Saint John Houghton and we encourage our students to be kind and selfless in their actions. Freya is a great example of this and we are extremely proud of her. She thoroughly deserves to be recognised as a young carer.”


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