Ilkeston Scrubbers step up to aid frontline doctors and nurses

A group who call themselves the ‘Ilkeston Scrubbers’ have for the past couple of months been making PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for frontline NHS staff battling against Coronavirus.
They have been making scrubs, laundry bags, headbands and scrub hats for anyone who needs them in care homes, GP surgeries and pharmacies within Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.
Andie Welsher of the group told us: “I initially responded to a plea for PPE on the ‘For the Love Scrubs’ Facebook page. I bought the first round of fabric with my own money and made 28 sets of scrubs which were sent out to various places.
“Other local people were also wanting to help so we formed a group, the Ilkeston Scrubbers. Through fund raising we have raised money for the second round of fabric and we are in the process of making 30-35 sets of scrubs for Ilkeston Community Hospital.
“NHS staff have been crying out for reusable protective clothing so they were delighted to receive supplies from us.”
The other members of the group are Nicky Carlesss (co-ordinator), Amanda Collins, Emily Goodrick, Lucia Ianosca, Marianne Bednall, Linda Anderson, Sue Chambers, Zoe Higgins, Claire Emma Ellis, Zee Sheldon, Sharon Turner, Kate Marsland and Loopy Lou. They all work from their own homes.
In order to raise funds and awareness, friend Leighanna Jane Henshaw and Pokemon character Pikachu went around the streets of Cotmanhay collecting donations.
Leighanna said: “Basically, we had a bucket and walked up and down the streets and people came out of their houses and gardens and popped money into our bucket. I was effectively in a bubble so children could come and stand near me for a photograph.”
People could also give online via a just giving page.
Pictured is Andie Welsher, Dr Jonathan, a health care professional of Nottingham, wearing one of the royal blue scrubs made by the group, and Pikachu in Cotmanhay.

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