Kids – look out for a strange bright yellow creature walking the streets of Cotmanhay.
If you see Pikachu, you are invited to come and drop some money in his bucket and join him for a photograph. And if you post it on the Pop up Pikachu Facebook page you will be entered into a prize draw for a personal birthday visit and a gift from the Pokemon character.
Making this fund raising effort is Leighanna Jayne Henshaw and friends who are collecting money to buy fabric to make scrubs for NHS frontline workers.
Leighanna says: “Basically, we have a bucket and walk along and people come out on to their gardens or doorstep and pop money into our bucket. I am effectively in a bubble so people can come and stand near me for a picture.
“People can also donate via the just giving link below.
“There is a Facebook group called Pop up Pikachu where information on the next walk times and route can be found, and a competition going at the moment.
"We have raised £121.55 so far to be split between materials for reusable PPE, wash bags and scrubs for local NHS staff and hand creams for local NHS and care staff."…

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