Dear Diary,

Things have changed. In fact, it seems at times everything has changed, and I’m not sure why? My guardians are now spending more time in our home, and I’m getting more fuss. Before when I sat on her lap, after a couple of minutes, I’d be pushed off as she rushed to do something else. Now she keeps stroking me, taking time to gently scratch under my chin, which I love. But her eyes aren’t as happy as they used to be, there is a sadness behind her eyes that I don’t understand.

The Church building is closed. Okay I didn’t go in there every day, just now and then, when I felt like getting fuss off the people gathered inside, or causing chaos as my guardian stood at the front. No one watched what she was doing, waving her arms around when I jumped up on that big table. But for Pippin it’s different, she loved going to church, every day it was open, every time my guardian went into that special space, Pippin would go too. Pippin misses it so much, I can tell, and I’m trying to be kinder to her.

I’m trying to be kinder to the sad people who come to church, especially as they wait, at a distance, for the long metal wheelie box to arrive. Then they carry out – the big box. That’s happening more often now, but with only a handful of sad people, they don’t go into church anymore.

Before, while everyone was in church, following the big box, well that’s my time to explore the long metal wheelie boxes. I’ve even jumped in the back of one, not for long as a kind looking man suited in black, reached in and gently put me back on the ground. He wasn’t angry when I wrapped myself around his legs, leaving lots of my bright white fur all over his black trousers, which, if I’m honest, had a whiff of dog about them!

Now they wheel the big box straight to a hole in the churchyard. When no one is looking, Beasley the youngster, he loves jumping in and out of those holes in the ground. He’s such a scamp. There are not as many people gathered around as there used to be, and they all keep their distance from each other – its similar to before, but its also so different. After the big box has been lowered into the ground, the people look like they don’t want to leave, I’m not sure what is in the box but its something that is very precious to them, very precious indeed. The most precious things in my life are my guardians and cat family, and we should all make sure we let those who are precious to us know how loved they are each day,

Bye for now – Florence


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