Year 11 students at Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy were given a special send-off as the school partially closed due to the Coronavirus.
Teachers were asked to sign books and a celebration was held during which teachers shared memories of the students.
Staff served favourite meals to the students, form tutors gave speeches and some even wrote and performed a song.
Head Boy Harrison Powell and Head Girl Sienna Grant also addressed staff and students during what was an emotional day.
Harrison said: “The mood at school was definitely better today and everyone was feeling more uplifted. The news about the exams was upsetting because we’ve been working towards that moment for a long time.”
Sienna said: “It’s all been a bit stressful over the last few days but I was really excited for the celebration. We started the day in normal lessons but then we got teachers to sign our books and memories were shared at the celebration.”
Deputy headteacher Phil Leaney praised all of the students and staff for their amazing response to the current situation.
He said: “The staff at Saint John Houghton have been relentlessly selfless in their approach to dealing with this crisis. The love, care and professionalism in which they have cared for students, and their families has truly been world class and I wish to thank them for all that they have done.”
The school will remain open to parents of key workers and vulnerable children in line with Government guidelines.

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