25th Anniversary Sleep Out

Recognising the issue of the Coronavirus pandemic the Trust has come to the decision that it would be prudent to POSTPONE the Sleep Out scheduled to take place in a few weeks time on 17th April.

The decision is taken in the public interest and the interests of so many kind and caring supporters who had signed up to undertake the Sleep Out during this the Trust's 25th Anniversary.

It is hoped that the Sleep Out may be held later in the year when the coronavirus crisis is over.

Like for many individuals and families the impact of this crisis will potentially be financial as well as physical. The Trust has historically benefited financially from the Sleep Out to the tune of between £15,000 and £20,000. The loss of this funding will be significant as the calls on the Trust's help and support during the crisis is likely to continue to increase.

Please watch out for further information in due course.

Thank you to everyone who has signed up and has been busy raising sponsorship.

The Trust is grateful for your support. Thank you for caring!

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