A sad post received tonight.

Young people who are causing trouble by bullying and shouting verbal abuse towards a Cotmanhay pensioner don't realise what an effect it is having on the victim’s mental state and confidence. This is what's happening to a 73 year old man in a bungalow on Cotmanhay Estate. Around twenty 12/15 year old kids gather outside his home and even abuse him on his way home with his grandchildren. He's had to give up fishing because of the threats towards him and his grandchildren. He had his windows smashed by a golf ball when he was standing behind one. The windows are still boarded up from 5 weeks ago. It's been reported both to his local housing association and police . A couple of local councillors will be looking at what can be done to help him this week. It'll be ”it’s Cotmanhay again” to many people who read this, but bullying starts anywhere and it's time more young people had more awareness of what it does to people's lives.
The man revealed this at a community meeting.


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