Parish council organises ‘yellow vest’ protest to target illegal HGV’s

Next Wednesday plans for Christmas will go on hold as residents and members of Stanton-by-Dale parish council don their high-vis jackets for a day of protest on the village green.

The focus of their anger are the illegal HGV’s that daily blight the village and the authorities that residents claim repeatedly fail to enforce a 7.5-ton weight limit.

“This is a problem that the village has been living with for years now” parish council chairman Simon Broughton angrily points out. “It only continues because no one enforces the law, we’ve tried everything and no one is listening. If I drive my car into a bus lane in Nottingham there’s a fine on my doormat almost before I get home. Here HGV drivers daily stick two fingers up at us and the law and get away with it every time while we have to live with the consequences”.

The protest is scheduled to take place between 10.0am and 4.00pm this Wednesday the 4th of December with an appeal from the organisers that everyone attending behaves in a safe and responsible manner. All the same HGV’s drivers would do well to avoid the village – at least for once.


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