Poppy appeal collection box stolen
Distraction thieves took a Royal British Legion Poppy collecting box yesterday (Monday 4th November 2019) from the village shop in Stanley.
Appeal organiser for the village, Terry Hall, is appalled by the theft, saying the pair thought to be responsible also took a pot containing staff tips.
The men, believed to be foreign, entered the shop at approximately 3pm just as it was getting busier following the end of the school day.
Descriptions have been given to the police, who say they do not have the resources to carry out a thorough investigation.
Mr Hall said: “People need to be aware that the thieves now have a poppy box and could illegally collect money for themselves. If suspicious, please ensure you look at the collector’s Poppy Appeal ID card or authorisation ticket, neither of which were with this box. The box has this year’s orange label on it and the number PA 261895.
”After 52 years as a Poppy Appeal supporter and collector and 30 years as a Serviceman in the Royal Navy, I am greatly distressed at this mean theft. I have submitted a claim to the Poppy Appeal Insurance Department who can only apologise that the owners and staff have been put though this trauma. On behalf of the Poppy Appeal I can only thank them for the service they provide to this village and community – normally around £200 is collected via the shop. I hope that the culprits will be found. Anyone with information can contact Derbyshire Police quoting crime number 19* 590023."

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