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The Long Eaton Chamber of Trade welcomed Clare Waterfall to its October business meeting when the members were given an insight into the Derbyshire Safe Place Scheme.

Clare said it is for adults and it had been in operation now for 10 years and that she had taken on the responsibility to increase to awareness of the safe place scheme just over 2 years ago.
During the last year the number of people registered has increased from 742 to over 1,500 and at the same time the number of Safe Places has increased from 172 to 225.

A Safe Place is somewhere people can go it they feel scared, or lost and need help when they are out and about. It is part of the Hate Crime/Keeping Safe project and is supported by MacIntyre, Derbyshire Police, Trading Standards and the Derbyshire Learning Disability Partnership Board.

Safe Places are public buildings, in towns and communities across Derbyshire, such as GP surgeries, pharmacies, and shops. They have stickers in their windows so people can see that they are part of the scheme and know they can go in and ask for help if they need to.

The staff working in a safe place knows how to help people with learning disabilities, dementia or other difficulties that make them vulnerable.

Safe Place cards are available to all adults who live in Derbyshire aged 18 or over. They have also listened to parents and carers and reduced the age from 18 to 16 years for people with a learning disability

You can fill in form to get a Keep Safe Cards at www.derbyshire.gov.uk/keepsafecard.

When they receive your completed form they will send you a Keep Safe Card in the post. You should then put details on the card including the name and phone number of a family member or carer and anything else people might need to know. You then need to keep the card in your wallet or purse and make sure it is taken with when going out.

The staff in the Safe Place will:

• Find you somewhere safe to wait
• Call your family, friends or support staff
• Call the police or an ambulance if it an emergency.

For more information on the Derbyshire Safe Places Scheme contact:

Safe Place
Derbyshire County Council Adult Care
County Hall, Matlock. DE4 3AG

Telephone 01692 532469 or email Safe.places@derbyshire.gov.uk

Apply for a Keep Safe Card – Derbyshire County Council

If you have a learning disability you can apply for a Keep Safe Card by filling in the online form on this page.


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