Friesland School – GCSE Press Release 2019
Friesland School is today celebrating some excellent GCSE results.
Attainment measures are again strong. The average grade achieved by our students was a high 4 (borderline old Grade B/C borderline). Our Ebacc entry and standard and strong achievement figures are all strong. A fifth of every grade achieved was 7, 8 or 9 (old Grades *A and A) and a half of all grades were Grades 9-5 (strong passes) which is very pleasing. Subject wise, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Drama, Art, PE, Dance, BTEC Business, Travel and Tourism and Music Technology all performed extremely well. It is worth noting that at a time when nationally the Arts are being squeezed, we have had large cohorts for GCSE Drama, Dance and Art and the outcomes have been exceptional.’
Headteacher Peter Monk commented: ‘I am extremely proud today of the achievements of students and staff alike as it is a team approach that has led to many successes. There is no doubt that the new GCSE courses are much more demanding than was previously the case. The students at Friesland have achieved 52 top grades in total (either Grade 9 at GCSE or Distinction*s in BTECS). This is a figure of which we are extremely proud.’
As always, there were some truly exceptional individual performances as follows:
Laura Ford: 6 x 9s; 2 x 8s, 1 x 7s; 2 x 6s
Thomas Fretwell: 5 x 9s; 2 x 8s; 3 x 7s
Shannon Southern: 3 x 9s; 4 x 8s; 3 x 7s
Jonah Huskisson: 3 x 9s; 1 x 8; 2 x 7s; 1 x 6
Ben Clipsham: 3 x 9s; 3 x 8s; 2 x 7s; 2 x 6s
Isabelle Parsons: 3 x 9s; 1 x 8; 3 x 7s; 1 x 6
Brandon Gurling: 2 x 9s; 3 x 8s; 4 x 7s; 1 x 6
Lucy Sarell: 1 x 9; 4 x 8s; 4 x 7s; 1 x 6
Stan Dickinson: 1 x 9; 5 x 8s; 2 x 7s; 1 x 6
Oliver Jordan: 6 x 8s; 2 x7s; 1 x 6

We congratulate all of our students on their success and look forward to welcoming many of them back into our Sixth form in September.


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