Julia couldn’t run 100 yards… Now she’s doing a half marathon for Fibromyalgia.
Julia Hind will be running in the Asda Foundation Derby Half Marathon on behalf of the charity Fibromyalgia UK on Sunday 9th June.
Julia is originally from Ilkeston but now lives in Langley Mill with her fiancé Martin. She is running for Fibromyalgia UK because she suffers from the illness herself and wants to raise awareness of the condition.
When she was told she needed to exercise more, Julia decided to join her local Park Run at Shipley Country Park, She said: “It was one of the hardest things I have done as I couldn’t even jog 100 yards without being out of breath, so that first time I walked most of it. I enjoyed it and felt a sense of achievement and a determination to keep at it.
“Six months later I joined my local running club, Smalley Road Runners. They knew of my condition and have helped me to build my confidence and determination to the point where I am now entering this half marathon.”

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