Friends want to save Cotmanhay’s Bridge Inn

The Friends of Bennerley Viaduct feel confident that by the end of 2020, Bennerley Viaduct will be repaired, restored and open to the public. There will be access from the Erewash Canal to the Nottingham Canal both over and under the viaduct. The spectacular views of the valley afforded by a walk over the deck will attract visitors from far and near yet the only place along the canal where you can get a coffee or a pint is currently destined to be bulldozed.

The previous owner of the pub was within his rights to sell the pub to whoever he wanted. However, it is a shame that it did not go on the open market so other individuals, interested groups, businesses or consortiums could assess the future viability of the establishment either as a pub or as some kind of canal side visitor centre or cafe.

The new owners plan to demolish the pub and construct apartments. The developers are within their rights to do this but they need to secure planning consent before they can demolish the Bridge. This means the community can have a say on whether the Bridge Inn stays or goes. The council have the powers to ask the developer to rebuild the pub if it demolished without consent.

All of our local councils are keen and active in promoting heritage related tourism. The Erewash Valley, like the Derwent valley has much to offer the visitor. Is it not premature to call time on the Bridge prior to other options being considered?


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