Derbyshire Gingerbread Men Take A Stand in the House of Commons
After more than a century in business, Derbyshire-based Stacey’s Bakery has finally made its mark in Parliament.
During a debate on VAT in the House of Commons, Maggie Throup, MP for the Derbyshire constituency of Erewash, related the broader issue of VAT directly to the needs of local residents by heaping praise on the family business.
Having spoken on the anomalies of VAT exemptions in relation to domestic power and historic building repairs, Maggie went on to say: “Closer to my heart are the gingerbread men made by Stacey’s Bakery in my Erewash constituency. In my opinion, they are the best gingerbread men in the whole country.”
In respect of the VAT anomalies themselves, she explained: “If the gingerbread men have chocolate trousers, they are subject to VAT. If they just have chocolate eyes but no chocolate trousers, there is no VAT. In the interests of equality, why do we not have gingerbread ladies? If we did and they had chocolate dresses, would they be subject to VAT?”
The point was well received by fellow MPs – and whether gingerbread men at Stacey’s Bakery turn out be VAT-exempt biscuits or taxable cakes, the clarity of the message also hit home for David Stacey, Managing Director and Great Grandson of the bakery’s original founder.
He said: “We are delighted to have received Maggie’s letter. She may be a scientist and businesswoman, famous for her work in health and social care, but this is pleasing proof that even the busiest of us can still make time for a seriously memorable biscuit.”


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