Pupils of all abilities were given the opportunity to try out inclusive sports at a festival organised by Erewash School Sport Partnership.
Seated volleyball, boccia, curling, blindfolded obstacle, seated javelin and seated basketball drills were the activities on offer at Erewash School Sport Partnership’s Sportsability event.
Pupils from schools including Mapperley, Kensington, Granby, Chaucer Junior, Ashbrook Junior and Charlotte Infant all took part at Rutland Sports Park.
They were supported by sports leaders from Derby College who helped to run the event as part of their studies.
All abilities were catered with the aim of encouraging pupils to try their best and achieve their full potential, to work as a team, to have fun and enjoy trying new sports.
Rhian Lilley, Erewash School Sport Partnership development manager, said: “The Sportsability festival is all about including pupils of all abilities and also giving children an insight into what difficulties some of their friends might face.
“They are also encouraged to support each other, for example during the blindfolded obstacle when they have to guide their blindfolded partner around the course.
“It was great to see so many pupils having fun and trying something new and also hopefully appreciating that some of their friends might need a little extra support or that the games they play may need to be adapted to include them.”
Gina Steeden, who is from Erewash School Sport Partnership and organised the event, said: “We had a fantastic morning at our Sportsability event this year. It was great to see pupils across different year groups trying out sports that they had never seen or participated in before.
“Throughout the course of the morning, the pupils benefited by working on their teamwork skills, showing resilience and respect as well as being physically active – even whilst seated on some of the activities.
“I would like to thank all of the Derby College leaders who showed great leadership skills, encouraged all of the pupils to try their best and made each activity a fun and exciting sporting environment.
“It was lovely to have such great feedback from teachers and pupils about how much they enjoyed the activities and are looking forward to taking part again next year.”


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