PRESS RELEASE – Maggie backs Finn’s Law
Maggie Throup, Member of Parliament for Erewash, has given her unwavering support for the Animal Welfare Bill, more commonly known as Finn’s Law, as it continues to progress through Parliament.

In October 2016 PC Dave Wardell and police dog Finn were pursuing a perpetrator when Finn was stabbed multiple times. Luckily, Finn survived his awful injuries and the incident has since prompted calls for a change in the law to ensure that those who injure animals in service get the sentence they truly deserve.

More locally, a similar incident occurred in Riddings, Derbyshire, when police dog Axle, also known as PD Axle was stabbed three times whilst in pursuit of a perpetrator. Thankfully Axle also survived the attack, but for some service animals this is not always the case.

Speaking about the Bill, Maggie said:

“This Bill offers a much-needed reform to ensure that perpetrators who injure animals in service get the sentence they truly deserve.

“I was lucky enough to meet Finn the Alsatian and his handler PC Dave Wardell when they came to Parliament for the Committee stage of this Bill and he really loved being made a fuss of!

“I am pleased that so many Members of Parliament have supported the Bill and this much needed change in the law. Our heroic service animals need more protection and the implementation of Finn’s law will do just that.”


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