The Ilkeston Winter Shelter project has brought our community together in a wonderful way. So many people have given their time to get the place ready, made all kinds of donations, and given of their expertise.
The pictures show contributions from Tesco and Morrisons supermarkets, Newdigate Carvery who sent a box of hot food, 10-year-old Zak Martin who bought Christmas presents with his pocket money, and Trev who provided a shower. There were many others too who have given of their time, skills and money to make this remarkable effort by Ilkeston community happen.
A recent Facebook post from the shelter said: “We currently have 7 guests and 2 dogs fed and watered within the Shelter.”
Many thanks to Revd Christine French, paramedic Tracy Cunningham, Des Ball and everyone else who has helped put our town on the map as a caring, compassionate place for people who are homeless.

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