The boys of Hallam Fields School.
Hallam Fields junior school have been remembering the fallen in world war one this week but have focused on 27 boys in particular. As usual, each of the past pupils from Hallam Fields have been remembered with a memorial service at the Stanton Institute. The children joined the British Legion, local historian Danny Corns, Maggie Throup MP and members of the public in a Memorial Service last Monday the 5th of November.
This was followed with lots of work throughout the school all week. There has been a poppy art competition, and several poppy art installations. Each child and adult wrote a message onto a poppy and have created a beautiful poppy waterfall down the staircase. They have also recycled plastic bottles and created a poppy field outside. They have found out facts about the first world war and used a local history display within school. This included details about how the school windows were blown out when a bomb from a zeppelin hit nearby and the names and details of each of the 27 boys who died.
Some of the things they found fascinating were to do with learning how everyone helped the war effort at home. They discovered how animals were used during the war to send messages and that children during the war went out collecting conkers which apparently had chemicals in that created explosives! Even MI5 used children to send coded messages which we have tried to recreate during our maths work. At the end of the week they had a red, white and blue day and a special remembrance assembly.

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