Labour Councillors and Residents say “Enough is enough!”

Labour Councillors in Hallam Fields, Councillor Alex Phillips and County Councillor John Frudd are totally opposed to any further extension in hours by Wards Recycling on Griffon Road, Ilkeston.

Under the planning application the company would extend their working hours from 0400 – 1900 hours.

The two Councillors who represent the South of Ilkeston and in particular the Hallam Fields area said in a statement:

“We cannot stand by and watch the quality of life of our residents blighted in this way. Noise pollution is a major problem and effects people’s lives extremely adversely.

“The traffic from HGV vehicles is causing upset at the moment particularly on Corporation Road where HGV movements are almost constant. Any extension in working hours is likely to further exacerbate this situation. There have also been reports of structural damage to properties through vibration, enough is enough. We urge all residents to help us oppose the plans.”
Pictured are Councillors Alex Philips and John Frudd

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