Six year old Riley Jackson who tragically died in a house fire on 26th October will be remembered at his school when children go back next week.
Larklands Infant and Nursery School headteacher Helen Smith said his coat peg and tray will remain in place in his classroom for the time being.
She said: “I have experienced this before as a teacher and it is exceedingly difficult. It can frighten the children and they begin to realise their own mortality. They need a lot of support.
“We will make Monday a very easy day for the pupils, starting with an assembly.
“Myself, the staff, governors and everyone connected with the school are all utterly devastated by his tragic death.
“Riley was a sensitive, gentle and kind little boy who was settling well into his new class.”
She said he would be ‘greatly missed’ and staff would do everything they could to support Riley’s family, friends and classmates.
She added: “I met with Riley’s family today and we agreed I would talk to the children in Year 1 and Year 2 when we return to school on Monday to help us all deal with the effect his death will have on our school community.”
A letter has been sent to all parents regarding the keeping of Riley’s coat peg and tray, which has been done with the approval of his mum and dad..


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