Readers will remember our July front page story of local pensioner Alan Blamey-Neilson’s flower train being stolen from his garden in Heathfield Avenue.
The good news is that neighbour and friend Leigh Thomas has been working with him to make a new one. It is now completed and the train stands proudly once again at the front of his house.
Leigh told us: “Alan was very upset when his train disappeared. It was saddening to go looking for it and find the carriages just thrown into some hedges nearby. There was no sign of the engine. Alan had spent so much time on it and was so pleased with it.
“I promised to work with him to replace it and build a new one. It is now finished. The funnels are made out of recycled plastic plant pots. Paint tins were donated by friends to use for the body and I bought the wood and fixtures to put it together. It took us a couple of weeks to measure it up, get the wood and start the building, and then Alan did the painting and sticking the funnels on during days when I wasn’t able to go round.”
Widower Alan (87) is delighted have a train back. The original garden feature was a familiar sight to passers-by and was especially enjoyed by children. Alan woke up to find it gone on 1st June. But now the new model has put a smile back on his face.


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