A student at Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy is set to take on a Coast to Coast cycle challenge to raise money for a World Challenge trip to Swaziland.
Anica Taylor, 15, is aiming to complete the 101-mile bike ride with her dad, James, and her 74-year-old grandad, Terry, in one day.
Her mum Lorna will cycle part of the distance and will also drive the car to pick them up at the finish, accompanied by her two other daughters, Heidi and Elena.
Anica, of Smalley, cycles at least once a week with her dad and grandad, covering about 60 miles, and is also a member of Belper Bicycle Club.
She first started cycling with her grandad when she was 13 and is looking forward to the Coast to Coast challenge, which will take place on September 21st 2018.
The teenager has already raised more than £700 towards the £2,850 cost of the World Challenge trip with Saint John Houghton CVA, which takes place in the summer of 2019.
Anica said: “I’m hoping that this cycle ride will help to raise a good chunk of the money that I still need to raise. I’ve also written to local businesses to try to raise money.
“I think it’s nice that we are all doing the Coast to Coast ride together and we are hoping to do it in one day.
“We’ve been training together and we’ve already done a 100-mile cycle ride and that felt ok, I felt strong.
“The coast to coast ride is a bit hilly but we are looking forward to the challenge and my mum and my sisters will be cheering us along the way.”
The Coast to Coast ride is set to start in Morecambe Bay, in Lancashire, and finish in Saltburn, in Yorkshire.
The money Anica raises will help to fund her World Challenge trip which will see more than 30 Saint John Houghton CVA students and four staff fly out to Swaziland for two weeks in July 2019.
Last year, 20 students spent two weeks in Nepal over the summer in the first World Challenge trip to run from Saint John Houghton CVA, in Kirk Hallam.
Next year’s trip will follow a similar format with students taking part in a trek and working on a project in the local community.


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