Press Release
From Maggie Throup MP
Member of Parliament for Erewash
27th June 2018
For immediate release

Labour has misled the public over local hospital

Erewash MP Maggie Throup has moved to reassure local residents over the future provision of services at Ilkeston Community Hospital, and has spoken of her anger at attempts by Labour to unduly cause alarm.

Maggie’s comments come as the Government pledges to spend an additional £20.5 billion per year in real terms on the National Health Service by 2023/24.

Speaking about Ilkeston Hospital, Maggie, who is also Parliamentary Private Secretary to Ministers at the Department for Health and Social Care, said:

“Labour’s mask has slipped yet again as they continue to peddle yet more baseless rumours and lies in order to scare local residents. This is a reckless political strategy that should be universally condemned by all in our community.

“Let there be no doubt that I will always defend hospital provision at Ilkeston whilst ever I am Erewash’s Member of Parliament.

“It is true that there is a conversation currently taking place across the Health Service in Derby and Derbyshire to examine the most effective use of their existing budgets.

“As part of this conversation I have already spoken with Health Ministers and will be meeting with senior representatives from the both the local CCG and STP shortly, in order to make the case for a further expansion of services across Erewash.

“We have already seen how the £6 million of new funding for Derbyshire’s STP is enabling Ilkeston Hospital to re-establish its community endoscopy service. I will be fighting for more such investment to keep our much-loved NHS services as close to home as possible.

“Going forward, I will be doing all I can to secure our fair share of the additional £394 million a week for the whole of Erewash that the NHS will receive by 2023/24.”


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