New poetry book was crafted in the ‘school of real life’

A writer from Ilkeston is celebrating the release of his new poetry collection entitled A Weapon Called the Word.
Steven Michael Pape’s new book features poems about society’s ills today such as homelessness, unemployment, poverty and gang culture. Some also have a local flavour.
The book is published under New York poet Rose Terranova Cirigliano’s Rose Books label and is available through Amazon. Steven is also hoping to make it available in local shops and the library. The book is priced at £6 on Amazon or £5 from the author himself.
The cover artwork was produced by Ilkeston artist Tim Bennett who has provided designs for several of his books in the past.
Steven, whose poems appear regularly in Ilkeston Life, says he is happy with his latest collection, which he feels is his best work yet.
A Weapon Called the Word contains over fifty poems, including Plastic Transparency, which has proved very popular on social media.
Ian C Douglas, author, says in his review of the book:
“Some poets learn their craft in class. At college. From fellow poets. But when you read the work of Steven Michael Pape, you see someone who has refined his trade at the school of real life. His poetry is about punk rock, unemployment, drugs, knife crime.
“When you read his compelling sentences, you get a feeling of someone who’s lived the life. Learned his pentameters on Ilkeston’s streets, not a writing course. In short, he speaks for the working people of the East Midlands. And how many poets can honestly say that?
“Pape writes with a down-to-earth style, in verse uncluttered by pretension. This lets his honesty shine through. A poet for everyone, I find Pape easy to read, meaningful and memorable. I think you will too.”
Plastic Transparency is in the July paper out next week.


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