Two Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy students are celebrating after being appointed Head Boy and Head Girl.
Every prefect was invited to apply for the prestigious roles and Year 10 students Olivia Cuomo and Alex Price, both 15, were successful.
Prefects were asked to write a letter to senior members of staff stating their qualities, why they would be suitable for the role and set out any ideas for improvements to the academy.
A shortlist was then drawn up by senior staff members and students ran a publicity campaign, making posters and badges to encourage their fellow students to vote for them.
They also had to deliver a speech to the whole school before students and staff were asked to vote.
Olivia and Alex were told they had been successful by head teacher Joan McCarthy and they were presented on stage to their fellow students and teachers.
Olivia said she was thrilled to have been named as Head Girl.
She said: “I have always wanted to be Head Girl. When I was told that I had been given the role I was over the moon. It was amazing and everyone was so happy for me. We both have ideas about the kind of improvements we would like to see at school and there’ll also be lots of public speaking for both of us and representing school at events.”
Alex said he was looking forward to the challenge of being Head Boy.
He said: “I was quite nervous when the announcement about who was going to get the role was made. I was really pleased and proud when I was told I would be Head Boy. We’d both like to see more outdoor seating for students at lunchtimes, we are looking at fundraising for new PE equipment and how the Agape is run as well as talking about the possibility of lockers in school.”
Mrs McCarthy said she was extremely proud of Olivia and Alex.
She said: “Both Olivia and Alex are hard-working and dedicated students who deserve every success. They ran impressive campaigns and thoroughly deserve their new roles and I look forward to working with them over the course of the next year.”

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