An Ilkeston pensioner has been left upset after this green miniature railway engine and flower carrying trucks were stolen from his front garden.
Widower Alan Neilson of Heathfield Avenue, Larklands, woke up on Friday 1st June to find his treasured creation had disappeared.
His neighbour Jean Congreave told us the theft had ‘really knocked his duck off.’ She said the flowers had been tipped out of the trucks before they were taken away along with the engine.
The trucks were later found down the road in a damaged state but the engine is still missing.
If anyone knows of the whereabouts of the engine, they are asked to comment below.
Mr Neilson, a keen model railway enthusiast in his younger days, used to have a working model train in his back garden but it is believed that too was stolen some time ago.
The green engine was a popular sight with passing local children.


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