The Walking Bread’ – Stacey’s Bakery Has Some Unusual Gingerbread Competition Winners
Family run Stacey’s Bakery has announced the winners of its half term gingerbread competition.
With over 80 entries there was more than one best dressed gingerbread man in town.
David Stacey, owner of Stacey’s Bakery, said, “There were so many great entries, it was too difficult to pick just one winner, so we decided to split the entries into three groups: 0-4 year olds, 5-8 year olds and 8 years and over.”
The winners of each age group were: Alfie (4) for his colourful ‘Robobread Man’, Aliviah (8) with a detailed roller-skating gingerbread girl and Keane (11) with a gruesome, half eaten, gingerbread zombie!
David’s wife and 8-year-old daughter helped him judge the competition, “We were looking not just at the quality of the finished design but for some fun concepts and ideas.
“I particularly liked the inventive zombie design. Another close runner up was the ‘Ginger Ninja’ – there were some really fun names as well as gingerbread designs.
“In all my time as a baker, I’ve always thought gingerbread men had their arms up waving but lots of our entrants told me that they are dancing. It’s changed the way I look at the gingerbread man every day now!”
According to David, the most unusual design was ‘Gingerbread Eve’, with just three flowers to cover up her modesty!
“There was a great gingerbread ‘David Stacey’”, said David, “but that may have been a biased choice, there was even a gingerbread Sharon who is one of our shop assistants. The likeness was uncanny, this shows just how well our customers know our staff.”
It was much harder for David to make the three giant gingerbread men for the winners. With a standard gingerbread man, the bakery uses a special machine to roll out one gingerbread man every three seconds. The giant gingerbread men however must be rolled by hand and then carefully moved onto a tray – a difficult task keeping it in one piece!
Keep your eyes peeled for the sign going up outside the shop showcasing some of the great entries and see if you can spot yours.

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