Students at Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy are preparing for a trip of a lifetime after signing up to visit Swaziland with World Challenge.
A total of 33 students and four members of staff will fly out for two weeks in the summer of 2019 but they are already busy fundraising to pay for the expedition.
Each student needs to raise £2,850 to fund the trip and there are plans for car boot sales, sponsored events and cake sales.
Last year, 20 students spent two weeks in Nepal over the summer in the first World Challenge trip to run from Saint John Houghton CVA.
Next year’s trip will follow a similar format with students taking part in a trek and working on a project in the local community.
James Wheldon, Product Design teacher who lead the Nepal trip and will be leading the Swaziland expedition, said it was an amazing opportunity for students.
He said: “The expedition to Nepal was incredible and students gained so much from it in terms of their personal development.
“Swaziland will be another fantastic opportunity to experience a different culture and to help improve the lives of people out there through the community project.
“Everyone is excited at the prospect of the trip and there are already some great fundraising plans in place.”
Twins Ben and Ellie Scott, 13, have plenty of fundraising ideas.
Ben said: “I’m planning on doing car boot sales and I will also be taking part in a sponsored abseil.”
Ellie said: “I just didn’t think I would get an opportunity like this so that’s why I signed up. As soon as we came to the talk and heard all about the trip I just wanted to sign up straight away. My mum is helping me to make cake stands and we are selling them to raise money.”
Karen said: “Swaziland is an amazing country and I lead a trip there in 2016, students had a great time and the project was brilliant. It’s a great opportunity to see how another community lives.”

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