Explorer Scouts spread a bit of festive cheer

A recently formed Explorer Scout Group surprised local residents by randomly leaving a hand-made Christmas reindeer on their doorsteps.
People in Stanley Common and West Hallam woke up to find the gifts which were accompanied by a tag saying: “Here is a little reindeer, with love from us to you, It will keep you smiling, The whole festive season through. It likes to listen to laughter, and people having fun, We hope you will accept it, and see a good turn done. Love from the 10th Explorer Scouts.”
Helen Collins, a leader of the group told us: “We are a new Explorer Group (14-18 year olds) based in Stanley Common with the 10th Ilkeston Scout Group. We just started up on 30th October. At our second meeting we made these Christmas Reindeer, then at our next meeting we walked from Stanley Common to West Hallam and randomly left the gifts at people’s houses. We have had a great response from people who received one.
“Radio Derby were quickly in touch and sent Heidi Booth out to meet some of our Explorers and find out about what we did. She also made a few reindeer of her own to deliver. It has been lovely to promote young people in such a positive way, they are a great bunch!
“The reindeer were made out of wooden spoons. We were going to use log disks, but after not being able to source any, in true Scout style we improvised. We added twigs for antlers and put faces on the spoons. We attached a tag to them too so people knew they were from us. We delivered about 30 to 40 altogether.”
There are currently 17 Explorers in the Unit. They meet at the Bartram Centre in Stanley Common.

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