Ilkeston Town FC supports fight to keep Hazelwood care home open.


I’m feeling quite emotional right now. Today has, to be blunt, been bloody fantastic.
First of all, a huge huge thank you to Ilkeston Town Football Club for allowing the IFSG to collect signatures supporting Ged Tatham’s cause to keep the Hazelwood Care Home open.
Secondly, the fact that the club has jumped on board with this is even better. The players and club officials who signed have added to their already excellent reputation, in my eyes.
Thirdly, wow what a response from you, the supporters, who signed the petition today. Hundreds of you!

THIS IS WHAT A COMMUNITY CLUB IS ALL ABOUT. Ilkeston Town FC is truly a community club in all but status. One team, one goal, looking out for each other.

Finally, a super team effort once again, capped by another two lovely goals by King Alex. Every player played their part on a fantastic day all round.

I have never felt prouder to belong to what is a wonderful thing. To everyone who is part of the club and the amazing supporters: thank you. You have made me as happy as can be.


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