Students at Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy celebrated GCSE results day today.
Seventy per cent of students at the school in Kirk Hallam achieved grade 4 or above (equivalent to C and above) in their English and maths GCSEs.
A total of 29 per cent of students achieved 7+(the equivalent of an A or above) in maths and 20 per cent in English. There were 13 of the new 9 grades achieved across the year group.
Among the students achieving the new grade 9 was Elizabeth Rimmer, 16, from Derby. She received a 9 in English Language, a 9 in Maths, 8 in English Literature, three A* grades and four A grades.
She said: “I’m just so pleased and relieved at the same time. It’s been such a nerve-wracking time and been really on my mind. It was great to get some of the new grade 9s and I was surprised to get one in maths.”
Megan Derrick, 16, from Long Eaton, achieved two 8s, a 7, two A* grades, three A grades and a B. She said: “I’m just so happy it’s all over and we’ve got our results. It was a bit confusing this year with the new numerical grades and the new grade boundaries. It’s a bit sad too as we’re leaving St John and I’ve really enjoyed it here.”
Sophie Morley, 16, from Ilkeston (pictured) achieved two 9 grades, two A*, four A grades, a 6 and a B. She said: “I’m really happy with my results. I thought I might have done ok but not really, really, really well. I was really surprised at getting two 9s as I’ve never got one before, even in mock exams. I’m now looking forward to doing A levels.”
Jake Gaskin, 16, from Ilkeston, got a 9 in maths, two 8 grades, five A* and two A grades. He said: “I was really surprised about some of my results – I thought I’d only get a 6 or a 7 in English. It’s been a long time since the exams and I’d kind of forgotten about it all but it creeps up on you and I was so nervous this morning. St John has been great, a great community and school and the food was amazing!”
Sean Keogh, 16, of Derby, achieved a 9 in English Language, an 8 and a 6, five A grades and two B grades. He said: “I’m a big worrier so all the way through the exams I have just been worried. I’m shocked with my results but in a happy way. I’m just relieved to get them and to be going on to college.”
Joan McCarthy, head teacher at Saint John Houghton CVA, said: “We are pleased with our results even though it’s been a difficult year in terms of the changes to the system and we have some tremendous individual success stories.
“We are extremely proud of each and every one of our students and of our staff who work so hard to support the children. We wish all of our students every success in the future and we are sure they will go on to achieve great things.”


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