Press release from Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service and Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Authority
Making Derbyshire Safer

31 JULY 2017

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Positive Action – #BeExtraordinary

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service is looking for the next generation of full time Firefighters – the Firefighters of the future; passionate, extraordinary people who represent the diverse communities that we serve. Could this be you? Could you #BeExtraordinary? If the answer is yes, then register for an awareness day today.

Over the coming months, Firefighters and positive action volunteers from across the Service will be at community events, encouraging people from all communities to register to attend an awareness day where people can gain an insight into the recruitment process and the diverse role of a modern Firefighter.

Group Manager Steve Ratcliffe said: “Awareness days are a great opportunity for people who perhaps hadn’t previously considered a career as a Firefighter, to get an insight into the diverse role a modern Firefighter undertakes. They give people a chance to carry out some of the job related tasks such as a casualty drag, ladder climb, and equipment assembly and really get a feel for what will be expected of them should they apply to join the Service when recruitment opens. The sessions also give people advice on fitness and the qualifications needed to join the Service, as well as providing an opportunity to speak to firefighters about the prevention activity they carry out daily, such as conducting safe and well checks and attending various community engagement events, all of which contribute to the Services vision of Making Derbyshire Safer.

“Many people don’t consider Firefighting as a career, but we are keen to ensure everyone has the opportunity to explore the possibility of such a rewarding and exciting career. Give it a go, register for an awareness day today – you never know, where your future could lead you.”

Anyone interested in attending an awareness day can register their interest via our website following the BeExtraordinary link. Once dates become available for the sessions, a link will be sent out requesting people to book a date.

Attendance at an Awareness Day does not guarantee, nor preclude progression into any selection process for the role of Full-time Firefighter at Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service.

The Service will be recruiting Firefighters in 2018.


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