Nearly 200 Year 6 pupils were given the opportunity to find out what life will be like for them when they join Kirk Hallam Community Academy.
Children from eight primary schools visited the academy over two days and were given the opportunity to try a range of lessons.
They used a laser-cutter in Design and Technology, made a bookmark in Textiles, practised graffiti writing in Art, looked after animals in Animal Care, tested acids and alkalis in Science and joined in a PE lesson.
Gail Knight, Art teacher, said everyone enjoyed trying out graffiti art.
She said: “We asked them to draw their own initials based on graffiti and they could use pattern and colour and lots of texture with ink, felt tip pens and crayons.”
Stacey Bingley, Head of Science, said the pupils liked using different equipment.
She said: “We tested colourless liquids to see if they were acid or alkaline using the PH scale. I think they really enjoyed it.”
Saul Taylor, Design Technology teacher, said some students had not used a laser cutter before.
He said: “They designed their own bookmarks and used a stamp or the laser cutter to produce them. A lot of them won’t have used a laser cutter before and they were quite excited about it.”
Adam Spence, Key Stage Two and Three Transition Leader, said: “We know that the transition to secondary school can seem a bit daunting so we invited the Year 6 pupils in so that they can get used to their new surroundings and experience what life will be like for them when they join us. Hopefully they enjoyed their time with us and feel more at ease now. We can’t wait to see them again in September.”
Pupils attended the induction from Dallimore Primary, Ladywood Primary, Chaucer Junior, Kensington Junior, Scargill Primary, Awsworth Primary, Granby Primary and Ockbrook School.
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