More than 300 primary school pupils enjoyed aMinecraft-themed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) day at Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy.
A total of 310 pupils from Year 5 at Cotmanhay Junior, Granby Junior, Chaucer Junior, Scargill, Hallam Fields Junior and Kensington schools visited the academy over two days.
They enjoyed a range of activities based on the popular computer game Minecraft, which allows players to build virtual worlds.
Pupils learned about the chemical composition of “super slime” in the Science laboratories and used calculations to create Minecraft characters in Maths, just some of the ways STEM was brought to life for them.
Academy prefects and present students in Year 7 helped out during the sessions to practise their leadership skills.
Andy Freestone, Assistant Principal at OIEA, said the event was a great success.
He said: “It was great to welcome so many Year 5 pupils to the academy and to give them the opportunity to find out what life is like at secondary school as well as making STEM subjects a reality for them.
“They got to experience our fantastic facilities, met staff and our own students who were a great help and ensured that fun learning was the focus of those days.
“I’m sure that the Year 5 pupils have gone away feeling excited about the move from primary to secondary school and we hope to see them again in the future.”
Jasper Thorp, 10, from Chaucer Junior School, said he had enjoyed his day at OIEA.
He said: “We drew Minecraft characters and I really liked it. I think days like these make you realise that coming to secondary school is not really that scary.”
Principal Nia Salt said “What a pleasure and a special treat it was to welcome Year 5 to our academy. We love to share our facilities and get students, of any age, enthused about the learning experience. Long term, we hope that children in Ilkeston will consider careers using STEM subject as a stepping stone to great success. The Year 5 students were a credit to their schools and parents.”

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