A family run bakery has announced its Bake Off competition winner following a successful Sausage Roll day, where the company served more than 900 sausage rolls in a day.

Stacey’s Bakery, with shops located in Ilkeston, Heanor and Eastwood, sold 431 shortcrust sausage rolls and 191 flaky sausage rolls on National Sausage Roll Day, as well as giving away 300 free sausage rolls and an entire 30ft sausage roll which was baked to mark the occasion.

David Stacey, director of the company, said: “We are delighted with the turnout from customers on the day and how enthusiastic people of all ages were to get involved.

“If the day’s sausage roll sales we’re put end to end, including the 30ft sausage roll, they would have stretched to an impressive 510 feet – more than the length of ten double decker buses.

“Over 900 of our sausage rolls were bought by or given away to customers on the day and we hope that the event brought a smile to people’s faces!”

A baking competition was also held on the day, where customers could make their very own piglet sausage roll. Ilkeston resident Elliott Bailey (25), won the competition and in return received an exclusive Stacey’s Bakery black card, allowing him to claim free sausage rolls from the bakery for an entire month.

Competition winner Elliott said: “I’m so pleased to have won the competition, and seeing how Stacey’s make their famous sausage rolls was really interesting.

“The bakery is the best in Ilkeston, and only living round the corner means my month’s supply of sausage rolls will come in handy at dinner times!”

The competition was held June 5, on National Sausage Roll Day. David added: “We got a great response from the public after promoting the event on social media, and we hope to host another event soon!”

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