Children at Dallimore Primary School in Kirk Hallam enjoyed an Outdoor Week recently, followed by a Bike Week and a Clean Air Day.
The whole school was involved in the Outdoor Week which began with a representative from The Wildlife Trust taking an assembly. The trust promotes nature in all its forms and encourages interest among all ages.
Helen Mitcham who is the community ranger of Victoria Park in Ilkeston also came and showed the reception children how to make mini beasts, while some junior school children had a go at Nordic walking with Rachel Davis, a local INWA qualified instructor.
Pupils had fun painting pebbles and scaled a climbing wall in what was an interesting and very successful week, said school staff member Lucy Haywood.
The Bike Week was hampered by the fact that due to major changes at the school, pupils were not able to come on bikes, but some staff did and the children were able to learn skills and safety tips which would be of benefit to them.
On the Clean Air Day (15th June) children were told about the benefits of clean air and how they could help with this. Year 2 children were encouraged to illustrate what they had learned by producing a poster which would be entered in a competition to find the best picture and message to promote clean, healthier air for everyone.
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