A family bakery in Derbyshire is sharing the secret of its baking skills through a series of ‘How To’ videos.
Stacey’s Bakery, which makes all of its breads, cakes, pastry products, breakfasts and sandwiches at its bakery on South Street, Ilkeston, has launched ‘Stacey’s Bakery How To’; a series of videos aimed at teaching people how to make their home baked goods as tasty as theirs.
In the first video, owner of the century old bakery, David Stacey, gives a demonstration and talks viewers through how to make the best shortcrust pastry.
David said: “This is a great chance for our customers to get an insight into how some of our favourite baked goods are made.
“We find that a lot of customers buy the pastry themselves and then complain that they can never quite make pastry the same way we do, they always have poorer results or they just don’t have the time.
“The video shows people how to make pastry exactly the same way we do. Bakers would never think about getting their hands in the dough and crumbing up all the butter or fat up, it just takes far too long. We show you how to make the perfect pastry at home in a reasonable amount of time.”
The videos can be viewed on the Stacey Bakery’s YouTube channel and on its website staceys-bakery.co.uk
Stacey’s Bakery has three other shops in Eastwood, Heanor and Ilkeston. The established family run business was first started in Ilkeston a century ago.
Stacey’s Bakery now has an Instagram page @StaceysPeople where customers can claim a free baked good if they take a photo of themselves eating a Stacey’s Bakery product. Anyone wanting to take part can either have their picture taken by staff in-store or take one themselves and email it to [email protected] for Stacey’s to post on its page.
More information can be found at staceys-bakery.co.uk. The videos can be viewed at http://bit.ly/2pS4kT7

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