As we reflect on the tragic events that took place on the streets of Westminster yesterday, I want to first pay to tribute to the bravery of PC Keith Palmer who paid the ultimate price in the defence of our great democracy.
We also remember the other casualties of this horrific attack, some of whom sadly lost their lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families at this extremely difficult time.
I would like to personally thank the emergency services, including the Police and security services, as well as the staff of the House of Commons. They acted quickly and effectively under immense pressure to ensure the safety and security of every Member of Parliament, our staff and the many people who work in and visit Parliament, and for this I am extremely grateful.
Through the prism of acts of terrorism we see the very worst in humanity but we also see the very best. This was clearly demonstrated yesterday by the man brave men and women who selflessly ran towards danger in order to help others.
Whether they were security personnel, healthcare professionals or passers-by, my admiration and gratitude go out to them.
Yesterday was a dark day for London and for Britain, however I believe that The Prime Minister spoke for us all when she said on the steps of Downing Street that we will never give in to terror, and we will never allow the voices of hate and evil to drive us apart.
Today the House of Commons sat at its usual time and the people of London went about their daily lives as normal. Once again democracy and the rule of law has prevailed.
Maggie Throup MP – Member of Parliament for Erewash

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