A Murder in Nether Bumble is the latest novel written by Adam G Newton, webmaster of IlkestonLife.com.

The book tells the story of Dan Paige, a young man attempting to take a two-week holiday on a tropical beach, but instead getting lost somewhere near Junction 26 on the M1. His car breaks down and he finds himself lost in the village of Nether Bumble, where he manages to get mixed up in the murder of a local vicar.

Dan tries to prove his innocence, but the police insist he can’t leave the village and confiscate his car. He’s further hindered by the vicar’s wife, her gardener, and a woman who won’t take no for an answer. Dan’s hopes of relaxing in the sun quickly fade away, but there might be a silver lining in the form of the pub landlord’s daughter. Unless she turns out to be the murderer, of course…

Written in the style of a cosy mystery, this book focuses on entertaining the reader through humour rather than sex and violence.

Author Adam G Newton grew up and currently lives in Ilkeston, having lived in various locations throughout Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire over the last 20 years. The characters and locations within the story are loosely based on his experiences during that time. Whilst Nether Bumble is entirely fictional, it could be imagined to be almost any small village in the East Midlands.

Available from March 28th on Amazon.co.uk in both Kindle ebook format (£1.99) and in paperback (£5.99), this good-natured mystery will delight readers with its entertaining cast of humorous characters.

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