An Ilkeston dog lover who rescues unwanted and abused greyhounds has found herself in demand because of the delicious liver cake she makes for her pooches.

Jane Reynolds began making the doggy meals for Darcy and co. to help build up them up after the neglect and abuse they had suffered previously. Love and good meals have transformed them from nervous, undernourished creatures into more confident house pets….and more than that: family members.

Seeing how her eight greyhounds loved the liver cake, Jane’s dog owning friends started asking her to make some for them. They came back for more – a sure sign of a good product!

Now word has got around and Jane has begun her own business selling the food under the name of Darcy’s Diner.

Besides liver, the cake contain fresh vegetables and fruit. Ingredients can be tailored to suit a dog’s taste and needs.

Packs can be delivered locally and sent by post. They are suitable for all breeds. Check out Darcy’s Diner Facebook page for more information.

All the money made from the business will go towards the upkeep of the greyhounds and rescuing more.…

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