The old Ilkeston Woolworth store on Bath Street has become The Project, an initiative of the Arena Church. The cafe and restored furniture store is providing employment opportunities and a place of welcome for everyone.

Clothing, soft furnishing and crafts are also displayed and available to buy at fair prices.

The refurbishment of the store has been completed by Kevin Harrison of KH Civils, using original wood and materials from the Woolworth store.

Signs throughout the interior (made by PS Signs) say: “Everybody is somebody at the Project“, a slogan which the staff believe in wholeheartedly.

Project manager Lisa Harrison says: “We hope to generate training and employment opportunities for our varied community through the programme we have in place.”

“Our furniture is of good quality and our cafe is very well priced and spacious. We are looking forward to generating more business on Bath Street and working with local businesses.”

“As our senior church pastor Kristian Thorpe always says, we are here to love and serve our community.”

The coffee shop staff pictured l to r are Gail Bamford, Penny Smith and Gemma Clarke. The Project has created employment for all three.

Photos by John Shelton.Advertise here

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4 thoughts on “Opening Day at The Project”
  1. Well done for all the work that has taken place to bring this property back into use! Particularly pleased about the training initiative. Do you accept decent furniture items for renovation?
    We will be taking a look.

  2. The price for a cup of tea is ridiculous Ilkeston isn’t a wealthy town i wud love to go in but will not pay silly prices,Good luck though

  3. All the best for your new shop. Glad you received the much needed publicity for a small local business. I own & manage the launderette at the bottom of Bath street and nobody from the council or local media gave a damn when we opened our doors. It would appear a shop offering a public service doesn’t get recognised anymore.

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