Hello there, I was wondering if your publication via the letters pages might help me in carrying out some research. You see, I have an idea for writing a nostalgic book that concerns dance bands and/or groups and venues from the mid 1950s through to the early 1970s. I’m looking for musicians and vocalists that performed during those far away years who have anecdotes, stories, tales and of course photographs. And also to include long forgotten venues from the days, the Palais de Dance, the Ballroom, Working Men’s Clubs and Institutes, even the former Coal Miners’ Welfares, the Public Houses and the Holiday Camps. Were you a musician during those years? Did you go on to success and stardom, or maybe not?  Did you play alongside or support bands, groups or singers that did succeed?  Did you meet your wife/husband/ partner at one such dance night?  Did the band van break down on a regular basis?  How far did you travel to play on the night?  What was your very best gig?  What kind of music did you play? The stories and possibilities are limitless with surely and endless supply of humorous, emotional, farcical or even tragic accounts from these times when musicians, singers and local lads and lasses where out on the town or even village “letting their hair down”. If you can help, then please contact me on: [email protected]

Meanwhile, kindest regards and thank you for all assistance given.  

Roger West

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