I am sure you are aware of the current situation with regard to the NHS.  In this Trust area, with good management the Foundation Trust have managed the local hospital very well. The hospital is undergoing alterations for a new reception, refreshment bar and League of Friends shop.  There has been unique co-operation between the Trust, the League and the public.  The League of Friends at Ilkeston Hospital are appealing to the local communities for assistance in purchasing a number of hospital operation trolleys for use in operations, carried out in the department known as the Diagnostic & Treatment Centre (DTC). The trolley is designed to carry the patient throughout his/her stay for treatment as a day-case for one of the services provided.

At this time the existing trolleys are not suitable for carrying out certain types of treatment and services that could be provided are unavailable to local patients requiring treatment of that nature. The trolleys cost approximately £3,000 – £6,000 each and the League are preparing to fund at least two. The Trust will consider funding from the Charitable Funds but we are looking to local organizations to support this venture. Appropriate acknowledgements will be made including commemorative plaques, both in the hospital and on the equipment itself. We have already received some donations and declarations of interest from local organisations and companies.

The local community holds the hospital in high esteem and a trial model is due to be delivered to the hospital shortly, but it must be returned soon. I would be grateful if you could look favorably on this venture and publish details so that members of the public can contribute either directly or through sponsorship arrangements carried out by local companies. An early response from persons or organizations would be gratefully received. The purpose of this project is to broaden the variety of treatments available at Ilkeston as opposed to the problems of travelling into Derby or Nottingham.   


Yours faithfully,
Michael J Perry,
 President, The League of Friends of Ilkeston Community Hospital
Tel: 07986  517126 E-mail:
[email protected]

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