Dear Diary,  

I DON’T BELIEVE IT!   What have they done… well my usually lovely guardians who feed and fuss me—and in return I purr and entertain them—well what have they gone and done… let me tell you.  A couple of weeks ago she came in from the car with our cat carriers – now I love my cat carrier, sometimes they take me to the vets in it.  I love the vets, so much to knock off her table when she’s trying to take a close look at me.  And I love sleeping in my cat carrier, my guardians put several of them around the house so I can nip in to have a cat nap, safely out of the way.   

But now my cat carrier smelt different, my nose was twitching and going crazy with a different smell, a new smell but a recognisable smell.  I could smell the country side, I could smell a farm.  What was in those carriers?  That’s it, it was kittens… KITTENS.   Yes there was not just one either but I could smell six kittens in my carriers.  What was going on?  I’m the cute cat in this household – OK so Pips may be slightly younger than me but I’m more kitten-like than her.  Have they left their senses behind them?  How can we have another six cats in the house?  It already feels over crowded, sometimes I go for a nap to find Pips sleeping on my snuggle blanket, I don’t need any more competition.  

And food – is there enough food to go around?   I’m not giving up my crunchies to those strange kittens.  And what about hugs and love – will there be enough to go around all of us?  If that wasn’t odd enough a couple of days later, lots of nice people came to the Vicarage and were ushered into the front room – or ‘Camp Kitten’ as I’d come to refer to what had been my favourite room.   They weren’t interested in me anymore, just those cute, playful kittens.   And so I saw several of the kittens going off excitedly with their loving new owners.  Now there are just a couple left but I’m still not happy.  

So OK I’m still getting lots of fuss, and still far too much food and I can still sleep in my favourite places.  Maybe when a stranger comes along I shouldn’t be so scared, there is plenty to go around, I have got an abundance of so much maybe I should share it more with those less fortunate than me – like these little kittens.  After all it is now the Season of Goodwill – maybe I should extend that to these kittens.  Having them here has made me realise how blessed I am, but I still hope and pray they will find their own loving forever home –soon!   

Bye for now – Florence.

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