Planting bulbs

Due to the unfortunate cut backs to the Shipley Park Rangers which has meant that the grass around Kirk Hallam lake has not been able to be cut, the Friends of Kirk Hallam Lake and Meadows now cut most of the grass except for a large area which is too steep for the sit on mower.

We are fortunate that Councillor Michelle Booth has awarded the Friends a grant of £600 to purchase a Mountfield mower, which is suitable for cutting grass on steep slopes. We are grateful to Councillor Booth for enabling us to purchase this mower that has the ability to collect/side discharge and mulch with a large cut and wide wheels.

The Friends are also happy to report that pupils from Ladywood School, with the help of Pride in Erewash, have recently planted hundreds of crocus bulbs around the lake which will enhance the many bulbs planted by previous pupils over the last few years.

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