There must be a lot of older people out there who are sick and tired of hearing whenever there is a crisis in the NHS or whatever, that it is the older people living longer who are creating the growing population.   We older generation are the ones who really worked hard in the 1960s and after, putting in very long hours for very little money.  We are the ones who have paid in everything, no handout in those days. The population hasn’t grown bigger all because some old people have lived longer. We have got lots of teenagers having children these days, not to mention millions of immigrants living here, all adding to the population.  So please don’t keep going on about the older generation living longer, making them feel a burden, which they are not.  

‘Oldie’, Ilkeston Advertise here

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One thought on “Letter – In defence of older people”
  1. I must say I totally agree with you, every time the nhs is mentioned it shows you old people on trolleys and in beds, it’s never drug addicts or alchoholics or abortions, these are always self Inflicted.
    Let’s get this right once and for all, this country is way way overcrowded, we simply don’t have the resources for wether it’s the nhs or school and housing.
    Stop breeding and immigration and things will right themselves. Also an oldie in ilkeston.

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